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Chris Berkley Digital Marketing

Hi, I’m Chris Berkley and Chris Berkley Digital Marketing (CBDM) is my Philly-based digital marketing consultancy. I develop and execute SEO and Analytics strategies for clients in a wide array of industries including healthcare, software, real estate, food service, education and more.

SEO Services

Achieving SEO success comes from a comprehensive strategy that includes content, technical, linking and local SEO (for local businesses). I’m well-versed in all facets of SEO, which allows me to build robust strategies designed for results.

What makes results meaningful? Strategies and initiatives are developed with clients’ business goals in mind, whether those are lead submissions, product purchases, phone calls, or otherwise.

Content Marketing

Whether optimizing existing content or researching new content, I’m well-versed in everything from one-off pages to enterprise-level projects.

Technical SEO

Ensuring technical architecture doesn’t impede search engines’ ability to crawl & index sites is crucial. Actionable technical audits ensure this isn’t a problem.

Local SEO

Especially crucial for businesses with a localized service area, my strategies ensure sites achieve peak visibility in localized search results.

Linking (Off-site)

The original basis for SEO, links are still a key sign of trust. Outreach & off-site initiatives focus on driving quality links from relevant sites.

Who I’ve Worked With

Let’s Talk

I’d love to hear about your business and your SEO/Analytics needs. Send me a message and let’s schedule some time to chat!