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Pinterest Visual Search Implications for Marketers & How it Works

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I originally wrote this post for the Seer Interactive blog.


It happens all the time – you’re on Pinterest and see something so cool that you immediately want to find out what it is, and where you can purchase it. Basically, an experience right out of a marketer’s dream.

If the Pinterest image you’ve landed on is the focus item in the Pin, then it’s quite easy to find a place to buy it, either right on Pinterest or elsewhere online. But what if you’re interested in a specific item in only a small part of a photo? Or what if you want to see other photos of the item that aren’t exact matches, but are similar?

This is where Pinterest’s new visual search shines. It gives you the ability to search Pinterest for pins that visually resemble the one you’re looking at, or search for a specific item within the photo.

With Pinterest being a must-have platform for marketers, it’s important to understand how this feature works and what marketers stand to gain from it. In the sections that follow, we’ll illustrate this feature’s capabilities and suggest marketing strategies to begin thinking about in regards to this new Pinterest feature.

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Instagram *Almost* Hit a Home Run with Image Formatting

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I meant to publish this post almost a month ago when Instagram started allowing non-square image sizes, but then I moved to Philly and my life got flipped, turned upside down. But now I’d like to take a minute, just sit right there and I’ll tell you how I became a critic of an app called Instagram. 

To be perfectly candid, I was a little disappointed by Instagram’s elimination of the square image requirement. I suppose I’ve always liked the simplicity (and perhaps the challenge) of taking the right photo, cropping, zooming and positioning it oh-so-perfectly. The OCD part of me very much likes the perfectly square formatting that Instagram has always embraced.

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Failed Experiment: Adding Meta Descriptions to Tumblr Using Tag Manager

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Months back, a client launched a Tumblr blog. I won’t get into why they/we decided on a Tumblr blog, I’ll just say that we launched a Tumblr blog. I had never done much work with Tumblr before, so I relished the opportunity to dive in and see what I could do, Tumblr-wise.

Turns out Tumblr is much more versatile than I even knew. You can add an HTML theme and completely customize the appearance. You can add Open Graph tags and Twitter card data. You can add canonical tags and re-targeting pixels. You can add Google Analytics and track traffic similar to a regular website.

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