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From Where We Stand Episode 2: Oneonta, NY

By January 12, 2013July 25th, 2015Digital Marketing

Here it is at long last: the official Oneonta segment for From Where We Stand. I’ve already harped on this a lot so I’ll make this quick and slightly philosophical.

I’m glad that I had a hand in this. At 24, I’ve spent most of my life consuming and myself and many of my peers are beginning to wonder what purpose we serve and how we’re going to give back. Building trail leaves a lasting legacy that with frequent use is unlikely to disappear for many years. I’ve made my mark in a sense. I can only hope that I didn’t peak early and that the rest of my life will be filled with projects that I can be just as proud of.

Chris Berkley

Chris is a digital marketing consultant specializing in SEO and Analytics across industries including healthcare, education, finance and others.

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