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Webinar: Using Google Analytics to Build Content Strategy

By September 25, 2017Analytics


In October, I’m excited to announce I’ll be co-hosting a webinar about Using Google Analytics to Build Content Strategy. In my role as Sr. Account Manager at Seer Interactive, and as an independent consultant, I use Google Analytics daily to gain insights about the performance of existing content, then take those learnings and apply them to future content to drive similar results.

The good folks at WP Engine invited me to host this webinar based on my knowledge of Google Analytics, and also my experience working with WordPress, on client sites and also on my own. WP Engine offers managed WordPress hosting and we’ll be discussing their newly released Content Performance tool, which is a built-in reporting dashboard with WordPress-specific functionality.

Webinar Details

Length: It’s a 30 minute webinar designed to be as actionable as possible.

Date/Time: October 4th, 2017 at 12pm EDT


  • Definition of common Google Analytics metrics
  • What the metrics mean, why they matter and how to use them
  • How to effectively use categories and tags for WordPress posts
  • How to integrate Google Analytics reporting into existing workflows
  • How to apply the data to improve your content strategy?
  • How to operationalize Google Analytics data for WordPress

You can sign up for free on the WP Engine site!

Chris Berkley

Chris is a digital marketing consultant specializing in SEO and Analytics across industries including healthcare, education, finance and others.