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Content Marketing Services

I’m not a fan of the phrase “content is king” because really, content is everything.┬áLaunching SEO campaigns is nearly impossible without quality content to publish, optimize and promote. Content is owned media and┬ábusinesses have full control over what content they publish.

Aimless vs. Targeted Content Creation

Publishing content for the sake of publishing content will not drive an effective ROI. Content should be thoroughly researched and evaluated before it’s created, to ensure the best results possible.

Content Quality

If content is king, then quality is queen. Low quality content will not return a positive result regardless of how much research goes into it. Content should be written so it resonates and appeals to the people reading it. In addition to researching and recommending content, I also critique written content to ensure it’s structured and authored in a manner that’s suitable for digital.


If the content you’re creating doesn’t benefit the customer or isn’t relevant to them, why bother creating it in the first place? There’s no such thing as “SEO content” – content being created or optimized with the goal of driving more traffic should be done in a manner that’s consistent with the business’ products/services. Content created with SEO in mind should still have value for other marketing channels.

Large Scale Content Projects

In competitive industries and verticals, content marketing is effectively an arms race. Content quality alone will not dictate market share – quantity is important too. Big content projects are a specialty of mine. I’ve worked with clients and stakeholders to develop straightforward content processes to research and manage production of hundreds of pieces of content per year.